Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thank You For All the Great Recipes!

I haven't posted much but I have been faithfully reading my favorite blogs. My family truly thanks you for all the new recipes! I am a baker at heart so cooking isn't my cup of tea. I really need a good recipe to get me through (with very specific directions, I might add). My family has simple tastes so I have appreciated the sloppy joe, roast and bbq rib recipes as well as the breakfast burrito recipe. I also like the addition of frosting added to the molasses cookies, maybe the butter cream recipe recently posted? I am feeling more confident in the kitchen with all these great tips. And my hubby and kids are actually asking for seconds - which is a first!

I made my first Thanksgiving dinner the first year we were married and moved out to Denver, CO. We had invited friends from work to come share the day with us. Being 1200 miles from home I was calling my family to learn how to prepare the dishes. Over the phone, my sister told me how to make mashed potatoes and I followed her specific directions. We later learned that she left out a major step when I called her back and said the potatoes are still rock hard after the length of time she said to cook them. She asked how small I cut them up and I said 'Cut them up? You never mentioned that'. As a child I remembered my Grandma getting up at 5 am to get the turkey roasting so this is what I did, too. Little did I remember that we ate Thanksgiving dinner at noon so we could eat the left overs for dinner. Our guests were arriving that day at 3:00 for dinner. The turkey was done at 11:00 am and the potatoes at 4:00 pm. That was the only Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made and find it is well worth the 200 mile trip we now take to visit our family where everything is done on time. Funny how my husband agrees.

I also find it odd that when I offer to bring something to the gathering everyone says 'Oh, that's ok, you don't need to bring anything'. I'm going to start impressing them with these fantastic recipes you are all sharing. Keep up the good work!


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Oh you poor thing Denise. That first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner sounds awful. After all the years I've been doing it I still think the hardest thing is judging the timing on everything.

I'm glad you like the breakfast burritos. I told Rob just last night - time to go shopping - we have two burritos left in the freezer out of that huge batch I made last month. Can't run out of them - they're just the handiest thing.

I'm with you. I love all the good recipes I've discovered and actually tried since I started blogging.

I had to laugh - I really don't think all the relatives don't want you to bring anything. And your mashed potato story made me smile. Funny how omitting that one little step can be a disaster.

You're a good sport about it all.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Saturday - January 20th

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Denise! Starting to miss you, girl.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Janet said...

I love that cooking story! I was a HORRIBLE ccok when I got married. I've improved a little since then....although my kids still hate my soup.....:-)

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Shushan said...

lol enjoyed the memories you shared.

Anything happen lately you want to talk about?

At 6:48 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Hi Denise!
I found your blog through blog roll!!! I have to say I love to bake also, cooking well I dont know! haha Blessings!

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

As for your sad first Thanksgiving, I ask you, do you remember your 5th Thanksgiving together? How about your 7th? But I'll bet you if even 100 years pass, you will remember this crazy one.

I agree with your philosophy to try, try again. Good luck!


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